Lovely: A Short Story

Her hand starts to slip from his grasp. He turns his head back to her and their eyes lock on to each other. “Don’t let go,” he says with a smile playing at his eyes. She smiles back at him, “Never.”

But the crowd is getting restless. People are shoving each other and jostling them. She tries to tighten her grip, but feels someone pulling at her waist. She screams his name but he can’t hear her, there’s too many of them.

Now, they’ve been overtaken and they’ve been split apart. Their outstretched hands try to reach for one another, but they’re too far and too many people are in between them. She yells for him and he for her, but it’s not enough, it’s too late. He’s disappeared into the crowd without a trace, she panics until she hears his voice whisper in her ear, “Find me, Lovely.”

The crowd disperses and she’s all alone in the courtyard. Everyone is gone. He is gone. She wakes from her dream with sweat dotting her forehead. Gasping for air, she clutches her chest, “It was just a dream. “ She reaches over to the empty space next to her on the bed, a single tear falls from her eye. “I’ll find you again my love, even if it takes an eternity. “

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